core values

Core values are Grace United's fundamental beliefs and highest priorities that drive our behavior. Defining core values can help shape who you are and what you do.

You can think of core values as an internal compass of principles that help us make decisions. When faced with certain decisions, we can refer back to core values to ensure that we act according to what truly matters to us.
Because we live in a complex and busy world, we aim to keep our discipleship model simple.
We commit to the unity Jesus calls for in John 13 & 17. We believe our best witnessing tool to the lost world is celebrating our differences while radically loving and unifying with one another.
God gives each believers spiritual gifts to be used toward his mission. By serving one another as Jesus served us – we function as the family Jesus is creating.
We focus on Jesus and His work on the cross. There are many messages that flow from this, but they cannot and will not supersede this.
What we display externally will spill over from our internal reality. We seek to experience God’s presence daily through spiritual disciplines and His people.
Faith is not merely something we believe intellectually, but something we do experientially. A faith not lived out is not a saving faith.