Bible Reading Plan

Grace United Two Year Bible reading plan

The Bible is God’s Word for us revealing who God is and how we can know Him at a deeper level.  In an effort to help our church read and understand God’s Word, we participate in a 2-year Bible reading plan. As a church family, we will read the same passages together as we discuss them in our own families, in City Groups, in Huddles, and as we gather.

We encourage you to begin reading the current days passage (instead of picking up where you left off) so you can stay concurrent with the rest of the church. If you are new to Grace United, again, just jump in the study on the current day. 
Download the Bible App "YouVersion". The Bible App allows you to join plans with a group! Our featured reading plan is the Two-Year Bible Reading Plan from Riverside Church.

** Android User Copy Link, Paste Into Browsers, and Open with YouVersion App **
If you'd rather follow along with the Bible Reading plan more traditionally, you can download this PDF to print or save on your device.

Learn to SOAP


Reading the Bible can sometimes be challenging. “Where should I start?” “How much should I read?” How often should I read?” There are many methods out there to help organize your Bible reading. One approach we encourage is the SOAP method. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. It’s a way to hear from God through His Word and grow as a disciple of Jesus.
Join the pastors daily (Monday - Friday) as they reflect on the passage for that day in a video daily devotional.